How to Identify Quality in Home Construction

Quality! It’s frequently promised but not as frequently delivered, unfortunately. While quality is important in everything you buy, it’s critical in home construction. It makes the difference between years of home-living pleasure versus years of headaches.

How can you tell if you’re getting good quality? Quality in finishing is an indication of good construction but it can only be “skin deep.”

Here are some tips that indicate sound, quality construction:

  • Look for fit around doors and windows. It’s called “squaring” and well-fitting doors and frames are a reflection of quality construction.
  • Squeaky floors are a sign of improperly glued or nailed floor boards.
  • Make sure all the lumber used in the structure is kiln dried. Western lumber is usually the best wood since it is taken from larger trees, decreasing its chances of warping.
  • Insulation is a good indication of quality construction. Quality builders insulate the floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • Check the basement to be sure the walls are sealed to prevent moisture seepage. Wall should be “parged” before the sealant is applied.
  • Some people think nail “pops” are a sign of poor construction; however, a few can be expected in the first couple years after your home is built.
  • Brand names are usually a good indication of quality. You should get brand name appliances, of course, but also check brands of building materials such as windows, tubes, and insulation.
  • Check the spacing of the framing members. Sixteen inches on center is the accepted standard. If there is a truss roof, twenty-four inches on center is the accepted standard.

Lastly, the best indication of quality is to see how homes built by your builder have withstood the test of time. Check with owners to see if they have had any major problems.  Check the service reputation of the builder. Has your builder stood behind their homes? Does the builder care about quality as much as you do? If not, you should consider another builder (Like Vision Homes)!

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