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How to Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Home

Posted by Rocky Simmons, Owner/Vice President Vision Homes 

Dec 14, 2015 12:35:01 PM

During the cold, winter months, it's smart to know how to reduce the cost of heating your home so you don't break your piggy bank.

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How to Reduce Heating Costs: 

  1. Keep South facing windows clean and their curtains open during the day to let in the sun's heat. Be sure to close them when the sun goes down.
  2. Drafty Doors? Use a door snake, rolled up towel or caulk at the base of your door to keep cold air out. Reducing drafts can save 5-30% of energy use.
  3. Fences, evergreens shrubs and more can actually cut harsh winter winds and reduce heating bills. Place north, west and east sides of the home.
  4. If you have ceiling fans, put them on a low-speed clockwise rotation to drive warm air from the ceiling back down to you. Counter clockwise rotation will pull heat away from you.
  5. No thermostat? Use a space heater. They may be more efficient than central heating. Check the sizing table (most heaters have one) to select a heater that's the right size for each space.
  6. If you have a thermostat, set no higher than 68 degrees, and turn it lower while you're asleep or away. Lower your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours a day. It will save you 5-51% per year (if gas heat, not recommended with a heat pump).

Sometimes the simplest way is the coziest:  Instead of cranking up the heat, bundle up in blankets, comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks.

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