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Taylor Simmons

Taylor Simmons is the Assistant Office Manager at Vision Homes. He is a West Virginia University Alum with a degree in Business Management and emphasis on Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently, Taylor is pursuing his second degree in Management Information Systems.

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Morgantown Custom Home Builder: Who is Vision Homes?

Posted by Taylor Simmons on Mar 22, 2017 12:11:16 PM

Written by: Taylor Simmons | Assistant Office Manager

Vision Homes is a small Morgantown custom home builder consisting of three owners and four full-time employees. The way we build good homes is by everyone communicating, working together, using our systems and holding their own. Now, we obviously don’t build twenty-plus houses a year with just us seven people.

To help us succeed, we have established strong relationships with crews, vendors, bankers, brokers, marketers and many more great people. Let’s talk about each of the seven employee’s roles here at Vision Homes.

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